FREE FISHING IN THE RIVER TEES at Leekworth Caravan Park (you do require a rod licence click here)

The River Tees is a prolific game fishing river and the stretch at Leekworth is no exception and contains wild brown Trout and Grayling in good numbers. There are several angling methods for catching these fish including fly fishing with artificial flies, bait fishing with worms or maggots or using a light spinning rod with a lure or spinner. The most widely used method for catching trout on the upper Tees is fly fishing with an artificial fly and on most water no other method is allowed.

Fly fishing for Trout and grayling at Leekworth

Equipment for river fly fishing is generally light. A rod between 8 and 9 feet and rated for 3-5 weight fly lines is used. A floating fly line is the most suitable. If you are new to river fly fishing and would like an introduction there are local guides available who can teach you the basics and get you catching fish very quickly. Waders are essential but take extra care when wading in the river Tees. It is a spate river and can rise very quickly without warning and the river bed is challenging with various slippery boulders which are not visible. Felt soled wading boots and a wading staff are advised for safety reasons.

Flies for the River Tees at Leekworth

A small selection of dry flies and nymphs should see most visiting anglers at Leekworth catching fish. We recommend the dry flies for this stretch of river, especially the Match and the Hatch Pale watery. These can be purchased from our shop.

The You tube video above was filmed at the Leekworth campsite stretch of the River Tees and demonstrates fishing dry flies