Teesdale offers so much for the walker, with the glorious Durham Dales surounding you offering views that will have you making memories that will last a lifetime. (you can click here or the image above to link for further information on this guidebook, or you can purchase walking guides in our shop)

It has often been stated that Upper Teesdale is perhaps the most complete dale in England. This is because of its unique and comprehensive blend of landscape, landforms, history and heritage..

The River Tees is one of the major rivers of the north and in it's upper reaches is a heaven for walkers. Here the river descends from the high Pennines, flowing between high moorland peaks as it makes it's way down the valley. Then as the hills gradually lose their height and become less stern, the wildness that characterises the upper dales gives way to pastureland, woodland and pleasing riverbank walks. However, don't just think of Teesdale as the main river valley. The major tributaries of the Tees all flow in from the west, these being the rivers Balder, Lune and Greta, while on the eastern side an ample number of smaller becks and streams flow in giving a number of hidden side-valleys that can be a joy to explore. Together with the main river valley, this presents a vast area to walk in for those willing to step away from the popular Pennine and Teesdale Ways. While there are elements of both these national trails included in the routes of a couple of these walks, in the main this guide book takes you away from the more frequented areas and presents a mixture of countryside.

Here you can venture onto the wild open moors, explore wooded side-valleys and stroll along the riverbanks of the rugged but beautiful River Tees itself. But the countryside of Teesdale is not just about the scenery, splendid though that is. Like many upland areas of the north, lack of cultivation and ploughing has meant that the hills have retained much of the history that has been lost on lower-lying ground. If you know where to look, then a walk through Teesdale can be a fascinating education. In many ways Teesdale is one of the original 'open-air museums'.